Jackson where are you....

Went looking for Jackson because he was not in his usual spot and I could not find him.  That's because he was in the spare dog bed where all the toys are kept.  I guess he just could not get close enough to them or could not decide which ones to play with so he decided to take a nap with them instead....what a great laugh I had.

He loves his toys!!!


  1. My heart always beats faster when I can't find one of our dogs. This is funny and very cute.

  2. He is sooo cute with his toys!
    I never lose my dogs--they're too big and noisy. But I'm finding things a lot different since we got the cat. He's constantly disappearing, and when I finally give up and assume he's run away, he turns up in one of the holes in my basement ceiling--he naps up there!

  3. I've fallen behind on my fav blogs -- so today am catching up. Jackson reminds me of a toddler -- not wanting to abandon his playtoys for an old nap!

    I love your new header.


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