Just waiting....the end

Well it looks like something or someone has taken momma duck's eggs.  The bizarre thing is that it has happened during the day. People coming and going from the building.  I'm not sure what it was but her last two are gone.  She continues to sit or just stand in the nest.  When she is not in the nest she is standing near by. 

So sorry momma duck.....the end. 


  1. Ahhhhh...this is sad!
    But I know it's part of God's plan.
    I just have to wonder about the mother duck.
    Her heart must be so sad.

  2. Judy -- I still feel bad about Momma Duck! How are you doing? I am trying to eat up everything in the house, so I won't have to leave much when we head west ;>)

  3. I did try to comment on this the other day; it may have gotten lost with all the problems Blogger was having recently. I still feel sad for the momma duck.

  4. Just catching up. This is so sad!!


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