Now we wait...

Outside the office building I work in, tucked in a corner safe and sound sits a momma duck.  The pictures tell all.  It's been about 5 days since I've taken these pictures so be sure to check back; not sure when......


  1. Awww, Nature at its best!! Can't wait to see the ducklings.

  2. How sweet! Can't wait for the photos of the hatched little ones!
    Dee dee

  3. Don't you feel like a "mother" to these eggs?
    Waiting,watching,anticipating and protecting along with the mother duck.
    This is exciting!

  4. How fun. We we hatched ducks in kindergarten it took 28 days. Do you know when she began sitting?

  5. Oh... now that's office entertainment of the best kind! Very nice pictures.


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