The duck story ....

It's been about 3 weeks since my last post about the mama duck.  The really sad part is she is still sitting on the empty nest.  It is truly a sad, sad thing to see.  I hope some day she will realize there is nothing there and waddle off to the pond behind the building to be with the rest of the gang. 


  1. This is so sad!
    Don't you just want to talk to her and tell her?

    Poor little thing.

  2. This truely is a very sad tale.

    Maybe you sould get fertilized eggs from a local farmer and put them in the nest.
    But . . . then the same thief may come by and steal {eat} those. :(

  3. That is sad, but she might have had another round of eggs. According to my new neighbor, she could lay a second round 10 days after she lost her first one. So hoping for the best....!
    Dee Dee

  4. Jude -- wow I hope dee is right (in the comment above).. . wouldn't that be a nice thing to happen while you are still keeping a watch on her?

  5. Oh, so sad! I hope she lays some more, poor thing.


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