Unwinding at the beach...

 from our cabin overlooking the bay at Tween Water Resort
 they even have a marina
 and they say a storm in approaching....
 where I ask????
 ahhhh...the warm sand between my toes....ahhhhh....
 I guess others decided to leave which left the beach deserted
 awesome sunsets
 breath taking views
to a wonderful weekend with truly great friends!!


  1. Ahhhhh I love the beach too! Will have to join you sometime for a walk on the beach!
    dee dee

  2. I am glad to see you posting. Especially these beautiful beach photographs. I have been praying and thinking about you.

    Glad you had apecial friends to share these moments.

    Will you be touched by the hurricane?

    Ahhhh... the beach. One of my favorite places in the world.

  3. @ Christine, thank you for your prayers. I need to get back to some sense of normal and all I have been doing is working and not a lot of other activities. As far as the storm. Nothing where I am at. It kept moving west into the gulf and we received a lot of rain and not too much wind plus we did not lose our electric!!! Have a great week and congratulations on the new addition to your grand babies! Judy

    1. Beautiful, Judy!!!!! Wonderful sunset pictures! Theta

  4. Oh so lovely! (We spent a few days at Tween Waters with the Upriver Boat Club -- wonderful place). I am glad that the storm bypassed the FM area (but you probably guessed that!). And I am glad you found joy in the warm sand and beautiful sunsets and good friends!)

  5. Beautiful photos! It looks so relaxing.


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