Fall day...

Finally, after a very long hot and humid summer it is a very comfortable 64 degrees outside.  My windows are open for the first time since maybe April.

A cold front, yes you are reading the correctly, has passed through last evening.  A cold front is something us Floridian's look forward to about now.  After you have months and months of temperatures in the 90's and only mid 70's at night and humidity that you just cannot explain to anyone because they have to experience it themselves.  A cold front is something you wish for! 

I know boohoo.....I still am wearing shorts, no long pants or sweatshirts!  Have a great week to all.


  1. That is the fun part of Florida, shorts!
    And of course the beaches!!

    Happy for you that now, windows can be opened. Enjoy.

  2. Ahhhhh shorts and a cold front! Can't go wrong with that! Enjoy the cooler weather for me!
    dee dee

  3. We will soon be joining you in this lovely state as we have bought a winter home in Venice. Looking forward to a season of comfort.

  4. I need to get to Florida!
    Just wanted to check in and wish you peace this holiday season.


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