Just enjoying my summer....

Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer.  I have been enjoying mine!!


  1. Oh Judy! It's good to "see" you!
    How are you doing? You have been missed around here.
    I wish I could join you on that beach, beautiful!

  2. Judy -- I am so glad to know you are OK . I'd lost contact with you and with your blog somehow (change in computer, lost my favorite list somehow. Now I have put you on my Feedly.

    We will be coming back to N Ft M a little later in the season ... really haven't spent any time with our family yet, because we flew back to Oregon in May and left less than a month later for Alaska. WE're just getting back from our adventure.

    Please keep in touch and now I know how to get in touch with you when we get back (if not sooner).

    From this post, it looks like you had a wonderful Fl summer! I hope all is still going well.

  3. The perfect place to be on a summer day - the beach.


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