Greetings from Florida....I cannot believe it is have a very long time since I had posted anything.  I guess life just gets in the way, which is sad.

This week I started an photography class, of course on-line, it is to get me off of auto mode on my camera and onto manual mode.  It is challenging to say the least.  I rely on the auto mode and all I had to do was push the button and there was a great picture.  Not so much on manual mode.  So many things to take into consideration and think about.

Here is one picture I just took testing all the setting on the camera.

Hope everyone is enjoy what life is bring to you!  Enjoy!


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    1. Thanks. I am finally taking an online camera course to get off of auto mode.

  2. Hi Judy!! What a brave girl you are -- I am almost afraid to go off Auto. Well , not really afraid, just too lazy. The hibiscis is great, however you did it!

  3. Thanks. I have been lazy as well but I knew it was time. It is overwhelming to learn all about the settings and how to use them. It is fun! The hibiscus is planted outside my front door.


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