My fur babies...

On our way to The Dog Resort.  Yes, you read that correctly. It is a doggie daycare and they love it.  No cages, care takers with them all day long, nap time and lots of belly rubs.

They also do boarding and again cage free plus there is someone with them all night long which is great.  One big sleepover with dogs!  Their home away from home.  Actually I believe Colby, the fur baby on the left, would live there if I let him!


  1. How cute!! Sitting in the backseat waiting for the sleep over, fun.
    You must feel great and comfortable leaving these two in a place THAT soecial.

    1. Yes I do. Their staff is amazing. On a busy day they may have close to 100 dogs, all shapes and sizes. The staff is with the dogs all the time, even during nap time. They keep them separated by size.

  2. Cute pair of pups.
    Hope they are keeping cool in your Florida summer heat.

    1. Yes they are. From their air conditioned home, to their air conditioned transportation and then to their air conditioned day care! They have a great life! Judy


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